Q & A

Is the contest available for a single person only?

Yes, a team can be formed by just one person.

About the prize , does the all team members receive a one year scholarship or the scholarship is for only one person?

And if it’s only for one person could it’s value be divided to partial scholarships for the team members or not?The scholarship is for only one person, and yes can be divided if there is more than one that want to do it.

Could be possible to register the same team twice with two different proposals?

Yes, but you must do it with two different group leaders. There has to be one team leader per Project.

May the video take two minutes instead of one?

Yes it can take longer, but we recommend a short length video. No, it is not mandatory but highly recommended.

I am still a student at the university. Can I apply?

Yes, you can. In case of being awarded the participation in the master program is conditioned by having the necessary requirements

Since we just graduated and are currently unemployed, we don't have the name of the university or the office to list in the registration sheet, what should we write in that space?

Either leave the box empty or write the name of your former University.

In what format should be made the description of the project?

The written description should be placed in the panels together with the ID Code.

Should the site be a real one or could it be a virtual one?

Proposals can be located in any part of the planet.

What does include MAEBB scholarship?

MAEBB scholarship includes the full academic tuition fee, but not the room and full board. This value is defined on the MAEBB application page.

I just have one question: is it necessary to apply for a master programme before or do you get your spot in the programme depends if you win later on?

You will get your spot in the programme if you are awarded

I graduated from IAAC year 2012, am I allowed to enter this competition?

Yes, you are allowed to participate in the contest.

I already uploaded the video on Youtube prior to registering into the competition with the intent to generate social debate about the ideas, so it doesn't have the ID Code in it. I tried changing the title to suit the ID Code number but the video already has enough visits that I can't change the title nor the information underneath it. Would it be possible to submit it without the ID Code if it's linked together with the proposal? I would really like to use that same link for the competition

Yes you can submit it without the ID Code and linked together with the proposal.

Is it possible for me to apply if I am an undergraduate student? If so should I put only my baccalaureate degree in the scanned copy of my diploma?

Yes, it’s possible for you to apply while still being an undergraduate student. The scanned copy of your baccalaureate degree is fine.

I have registered my account into the website. In "Profile Detail", is "Name Team Member" supposed to be my name or the name of other possible member?

You should write the name of your partner.

The question is about the proposal: the proposal uploaded to the IAAC platform? Or there is an email to send it to.

The proposal must be uploaded to the contest’s web platform.

I have registered to submit my drawings for this contest but I am struggling to see where I actually send or upload the drawings?

Submission will be open on 15th June.

In case of winning can we ask to postpone the scholarship for one year or it's only possible to be from September 2020 to June 2021?

The scholarship can apply for 2020/21 or 2021/22.

Does the participant have to apply to one of the master program before participating, or if the participant wins one of the prizes then he/she is automatically accepted in his/hers master program of choice?

You don’t need to apply before. In case of being awarded you will get your scholarship according to your choice. It is necessary to fulfill the necessary academic requirements, which means being a graduated student.

Is the master program of the academic year of 2020-2021 or of 2021-2022?

The scholarship can apply for 2020/21 or 2021/22.

I would like to find out if the competition is for Masters Students and Graduates only or anyone in the architectural industry can join?

Anyone can join the competition. In case of being the winner, a scholarship will be given in order to take a master program at IAAC. To be able to do the master it is necessary to fullfill the necessary academic requirements, which means being a graduated.

I'm going to participate in the contest, right now I'm a student and I just miss my Thesis whom I want to complete in this semester or maybe until September. In case of a win, is there any problem with the Master if I'm still working on my thesis?

The master programs at IAAC are full time and you need to be based in Barcelona. If you want to work in your thesis during your free time is your choice.

And last question, the initial choice of the Master is Mandatory?

The initial choice of the master is not mandatory.

I am very interested in joining your just launched contest, but I just wanted to ask if I can submit a work that I also plan to submit in another contest?

Before being announced, the projects proposed as winners will be reviewed to check that they have not been awarded in other competitions.

I am an architecture student not a graduated architect. I will graduate in July 2022. Can I take your financial support (value aprox 18.750,00 €) for master program at IAAC in 2022 -date of my graduation?

The scholarship can apply for the academic year 2020/21 or 2021/22.

I would like to know, if I am a student and I win the scholarship award, is the award transferable to academic years after 2020/2021, for example starting my master's degree in October 2021? Or is it compulsory to do the master's degree during this year?

The scholarship can apply for 2020/21 or 2021/22.

It would be great if you could direct me where could I can upload my proposal.

You will be able to submit your proposal from June 15th

About the project can we or have to identify an area for the project?

Both options are possible: a specific area or a generic site.

In the Rules & Delivery section, I notice that you are asking submissions to be presented on three A-3 panels. I am wondering whether this is a firm limit, or whether it would be possible to submit more than three panels.

The three A-3 panels are the maximum allowed.

I would like to know more in detailed about the same: The design problem, any specific requirements.

There is no specific site, but you can choose one

How would you transform your home?

How should be the model of the future in our cities?

How would buildings be?

So it’s up to you how and what to answer.

This is not a problem solving competition, but discovering more opportunities for the architecture and the way that we live.

The Jury will be smart enough to find the best answer to this open idea.

This was written in the Q and A part, "The written description should be placed in the panels together with the ID Code". This means that the 200 words text should be written in only one of the 3 panels right?


By "together", does it mean that it should be beside the ID code at the bottom right corner or I can place the text anywhere in the panel?

Text can be anywhere in the panel.

Aside from the 200 words text, can I still put additional texts, that are short of course, to help explain the diagrams I would be putting?


According to the publication the sentence “the best project” is an independent selection or is related with the selected and prized project?

From all the projects submitted there will be a selection of around 80-100 projects which will be published. From them, 3 will be awarded with 1st prize. Other awards might be decide by the jury.

I wanna ask if a team of two is allowed to join the competition?


We need to submit at 3 A-3 at one pdf file or 3 pages of 1920px x 1080 px, or it's both okay?

Both are OK.

Does it help adding our personal academic and professional background to the context of the project?

Jury will not evaluate personal backgrounds.

Is it allowed to register a project that was previously published in another competition or done as a school project?

Submitting a school project could be ok, but not projects that have been published before. In any case we prefer new projects.