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Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia Architecture Competition

Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia Architecture Competition


"THE SELF-SUFFICIENT CITY: Envisioning the habitat of the future" Organized by The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia and HP.

708 proposals from 116 countries were evaluated through the internet from October to December by the following jury members of the 3RD ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE CONTEST:

Jaime Lerner, Architect, former Mayor of Curitiba, former President of UIA,
Mr. Mityrev, Representative for the Governor of Saint Petersburg,
Brett Steele, Director of the Architectural Association, London
Stan T. Allen, Dean of Princeton University School of Architecture
Yung Ho Chang, Head of the MIT Department of Architecture
Aaron Betsky, Director of The Cincinnati Art Museum
Haakon Karlsen Jr, Director of MIT Fab Lab Norway
Pankaj Joshi, Director of Urbanism Design Research Institute. Mumbai, India
Benyam Ali, Head of the Addis Ababa University Department of Architecture
JM Lin, Architect , The Observer Design Group, Taiepi, Taiwan
Bostian Vuga, Sadar & Vuga architects, Lubjana , Slovenia
Michel Rojkin, Rojkin Arquitecto, México
Vicente Guallart, Director of IAAC, Barcelona
Willy Muller, Director of IAAC Development
Marta Male-Alemany Co-director of IAAC Master in Advanced Architecture
Areti Markopoulou, Academic Coordinator of IAAC Master in Advanced Architecture
Lucas Cappelli, Director of 3rd Advanced Architecture Contest

Each juror has selected a first, second, and third prize, and honourable mentions in some cases. The jury voted on 28 proposals which have demonstrated great diversity and vision of the habitat of the future.

The jury has decided to award the following contestants:
The first prize has been awarded to contestants ¨Hurbs¨ designed by Sergio Castillo Tello and María Hernández Enríquez from Spain and WATER FUEL designed by Rychiee Espinosa and Seth Mcdowell from the United States.

Finalist ¨HURBS¨ Hybrid Human Urban Re-adaptive Bidirectionally-Relational System which proposed the creation of a participatory experiment in order to develop an urban informational system in which the citizens and experts work together to develop cities through solutions that optimize urban resources. The jury acknowledges this vision of a city as a structure which is re-informed through digital management systems.

Finalist ¨WATER FUEL¨ which proposed the development of technologies that transforms salt water into energy, generating hydrogen in urban environments, to be utilized for transportation systems and urban consumption. The jury acknowledges this as the integration of energy production systems into an urban context and it's ability to transform civic environments and foment the generation of energy by means of self sufficiency. These structures have been well designed and are capable of urban landscape integration.

The jury has agreed to give 4 honourable mentions to the following proposals:

"Massive Urban Recycling-Plastered Stadium", designed by Adrian Garcia, Douglas Rodriguez from Mexico which proposed to recycle urban obsolete structures, incorporating new functions such as domestic functions, without destroying prominent urban buildings, when they've lost their function.

SKY CITY designed by Victor Kirillow from Russia which proposed the construction of urban mega structures, in which the city is stacked vertically to protect it's green spaces, giving access to each level through future transportation systems.

RECIPROCITY designed by Jason Butz, Frank D’Andrea, Carla Landa, Martha Skinner from the United States which proposed the creation of recycling structures which recycle urban waste and capable of creating materials of high architectural design for urban reuse.

MOBILIZING VILLAGES designed by Do Trung Kien from Vietnam, which proposed a floating city off the coast of Vietnam, with forms that abstract the surrounding landscapes, approaching the question ¨Is it possible to rise above sea level?¨, and its effect on coastal cities.

The jury would like to thank the effort carried out by all contestants, and encourages the development of ideas which transform cities into more stimulating environments for the human life.

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